Weekly Tribes 2012-2013 Pass the Can

This is a great strategy for influence and problem solving.  I have used it successfully with grade 1 – 8.

You will need two coffee cans for this activity.  Have students sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front.  Go over the agreements (this is important as this activity is a challenge for some kids, and it needs to be “fun” for everyone).  Explain that you (the class) is going to pass the can around the circle (and it cannot hit the ground)!  Simple!  EXCEPT no hands are allowed!  So, put a can in one students lap and off they go!  Once they get the hang of how they can pass the can (there are multiple solutions), start a second can going in the opposite direction.  If the can hits the ground…just start over…attempt to make it around the whole circle!

Added Challenge: Put about 1 inch of water in the bottom of the can and repeat the activity!  The kids love this and it rarely spills (can do this outside if weather is nice to avoid a wet carpet!)

This activity once explained, takes less than 5 minutes…great energizer and very good for problem solving and cooperative skill practice