Weekly Tribes 2012-2013 M.I. Revisited

When is the last time you presented or offered up an assignment a la the Multiple Intelligences??

Consider doing one, or some, of the following (the following suggestions are from Thomas Armstrong’s Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom) :

  • Re-evaluate your own intelligence strengths and weaknesses
  • Re-evaluate your student’s intelligences…
  • Select an intelligence that you would like to nurture (or challenge your students to do so as well..)
  • Select one form of documenting students’ learning activities that you haven’t tried yet, such as audio, video, or photography.  Experiment with it and notice how effective is may be in providing and communicating information about students’ multiple intelligences
  • Review the behavioral systems currently used in your classroom and make them ‘multpl-y-intelligent’…For example LISTENING
  1. Linguistic –  write the words “silence please!” on the white board or smart board
  2. Musical – Clap a short rhythmic phrase and have students clap it back
  3. Bodily-Kinesthetic- Hold your finger to your lips and gie a signal for attentive listening
  4. Spatial – use a large photo of a good listener (perhaps even one of your students?
  5. Logical-Mathematical – use a stopwatch to keep track of time being wasted and keep track on the board
  6. Interpersonal – Whisper to a student “It’s time to listen…pass it on..”
  7. Intrapersonal – Start teaching and let students take charge of their own behavior
  8. Naturalist – Use an animal sound, rain stick, something from nature to focus attention
  • Help students develop portfolios that include elements from several intelligences

And my suggestion is to take another look at Armstrong’s book (or get it if you don;t have it!); it is loaded with great topics and suggestions for you, and your students, to engage and energize learning experiences.