Weekly Tribes 2013 Appreciation and Apologies – a variation

This is a variation , combining Milling to Music and Appreciations and Apologies.

Music starts, everyone mills!  Music stops, everyone freezes.  Teacher identifies a group of students (like ‘everyone wearing shoes that tie’) to remain standing.  All others sit.  Of those standing, teacher gives a scenario and asks for a possible solution:


What could you say to someone in your house to make them smile? (appreciation)

What do you like to hear from your teacher? (appreciation)

What would your teacher like to hear from you? (appreciation)

You said something to someone that you wish you hadn’t…what would you say? (apology)

You said a bad word or name out at recess, who should you apologize to and what should you say?  (apology)




How does this relate to managing conflict?

How does apologizing help get rid of conflict?

What should you say when you get an appreciation or apology?

Would this be a good way to end the day or week at school?