Weekly Tribes 2013 – What’s Your Perspective?

Perspective…defined as a particular evaluation of something, a measured assessment of a situation.

When it comes to conflict, or the ever-popular term “bullying”, perspective is key to understanding, management, and resolution.

Use the young lady/old lady example in your Tribes books for a ‘warm-up’.

Then try this little exercise, thanks to a 4th grade teacher in El Dorado Hills, CA, USA.

Seat students in a circle.

Place a box, with a different design, photo, shape…on each of the four sides.

Students may not move positions in the circle.

Students explain what they can see – descriptions only (Example – if it is a bear, they can not use “bear’ in the description…a large animal that is brown in color…)

Just like ’20 questions’, information should be brief and limited, rather than an entire description all at once.

There should be a level of frustration – both in the description and the ‘guessing’.


  • how first impressions (descriptions and guesses) can easily be inaccurate.
  • how perception causes conflict or misunderstanding
  • how students felt when they were denied knowing the information
  • what are some examples of misperception…where and when is this most likely to occur…