Weekly Tribes – ‘A Clean Slate’

‘The Blank Slate”


This comes from a conversation with Cindy, a good friend and teacher in South Lake Tahoe.

We spend a lot of time and energy thinking, reflecting, and even worrying about our ‘history’…what we’ve done or said, or not done or not said.

How often do we reflect on what needs to be wiped off the history specifically like “I’m not good at math” or “my parents don’t understand me” or “I’m a failure at…”

Instead of dwelling in the negative or disillusioned past, think about now.  We have a blank slate every time the earth completes a rotation…every morning we start new.  Every day that students walk into class, we, and they, have a blank slate.

I suggest that the ‘blank slate’ might be an effective visual, even actual, tool for sharing, setting goals, reflective practice, appreciation, building relationships, and positive, productive intentions…all of which are contributions to the learning community.