Weekly Tribes – Venn diagram

This idea is brought to you by Simon, a recent student in the new online Tribes TLC course.

Because I teach Math, one activity I always use in my classes are Venn Diagrams. Students, in groups of 3, draw Venn Diagram and then talk about their likes/dislikes, hobbies, family. Anything that they all have in common goes in the middle of the venn diagram. If there are items that only apply to two of them, they will put it in the diagram that only two of them share, and if there is something unique to them, it goes in the section that’s on its own.

It usually works quite well because they get to see what they have in common, and what is unique about each other.

I would add an extension to Simon’s idea…on another day, have students participate in a class Venn diagram – ‘what the teachers wants / what the students want – for a culture that is needed for a positive, productive learning community.  Agreements can easily be incorporated in this.

…And here is a helpful tip:  a Venn diagram doesn’t have to be perfect circles?!  I like to encourage ‘amoeba-like’ Venn Diagrams; this can save time and frustration.