Weekly Tribes – Learning Names

This comes from a teacher in California, visiting a classroom…

I walked in and said that I was glad to see the students and wished I could remember all of their names.
With that cue, each child took turns popping out of their seat with a dance move that matched the syllables in their name. After EVERY child did their part they all proceeded to share the dance move that they created for me.
I asked if they all knew each other’s dance move and from their desks, they ALL did the dance of every child’s name and move in unison!  Everyone…Jamie who has autism and Sara who doesn’t speak English… knew it.
Talk about inclusion and making sure that ALL students belong! I loved it!
The teacher told me that she had them think of their own move for homework and that it took about a month for them to learn all of it.
Anyway, pretty powerful stuff.

This could be done with agreements, collaborative skills…content?!