Weekly Tribes 2013 October ‘Everyday Leadership TED talk”

This comes to you from Gail, a popular professor at Brock University, who teaches the Tribes TLC process in her teacher education classes.  [Imagine teachers knowing Tribes before they get their first teaching job!]


Here are a couple of extensions that Gail does …

Use the strategy ‘Milling to Music” after watching the video; students share who has ‘given them a lollipop’.  (You might even give each student a lollipop to give away each time they share.)

Later in the year, photocopy a lollipop (on 8.5 x 11 card stock) with each student’s name on it … during the day, people write messages (appreciations) on post-its and stick them on the lollipop print.

Everyone leaves with appreciations!