Weekly Tribes – Influence Ideas

It’s ‘awareness’ month…breast cancer, domestic violence, and bully prevention, to name a few.

And, since it is October, it is likely “influence” awareness month!?

If your Tribes ‘flow’ is slowing, and/or your students are restless, it is definitely time for some influence strategies and opportunities.

1) The easiest way to encourage influence is by giving choices…for assignments, for participation, for reflection.

2) Think:  differentiated instruction and multiple intelligences.

3) If you haven’t yet, do some multiple intelligence inventory/awareness for your students and take it from there.

4) Challenge yourself and your students to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic or subject through the multiple intelligences.  Use this site www.teachcommunity.com for some good ideas (search for ‘multiple intelligences’)

5) Take on a class ’cause’ or ‘goal’ for the month…model behavior, invent a new word for something positive and popular, raise money or awareness for an individual or group or idea

6) Move those desks around and change the look of your classroom; give students a choice one day a week of where they sit in the class

7) Introduce a new class procedure…music?!…as a cue, during individual work time, at the beginning or end of class

8) Role play (get kinesthetic and interpersonal)

9) Go outside…and do some creative writing, jumping jacks while spelling, drawing, locating an item familiar or unfamiliar to a character in the story you are reading in class…

10)  REFLECT!  Ask more questions?  Invite more active participation (think-pair-share).  Use your post-it note stack for some ‘tickets out the door’ (What did you learn today? or What do you like about this class?)