Weekly Tribes – Energizers for Influence

Influence and Energizers

Everyone loves energizers!  But think about it…even though energizers are often used as ice breakers, a fun break, a reward, an introduction…almost every energizer is actually an ‘influence’ strategy’!

Decision making, problem solving, valuing differences, and maybe even some sort of ‘conflict resolution’ is within your favorite energizer!

Now you can re-use that favorite energizer and reflect on it with an ‘influence’ lens.  Be sure to observe and comment on the behaviors you want more of…”I noticed that everyone participated, even though there were some challenges; I would like to see that more often in this class!…and now I know you can do it!”

Here are my favorite (influence) energizers:

Knots (problem solving)

Paper Toss (teamwork, problem solving)

I like my Neighbor(with content questions)

Pen Pals (really great for valuing differences and mutual respect)