Weekly Tribes 2013 – Multiple intelligences = total engagement

When is the last time you invited students to demonstrate what they know through the multiple intelligences?

Take any subject or assignment! then challenge yourself to present ways for students to “show what they know’ through any three multiple intelligences.

Here’s an example:

multiplication facts is the topic (any times table)

Verbal / linguistic – write a story problem that uses multiplication facts of _____

Logical / Mathematical – design a chart or table for multiplication facts of _____

Visual / Spatial – draw a picture to show the progression of multiples of _____

Bodily / Kinesthetic – use your fingers, or body movements to demonstrate multiples of __

Musical / Rhythmic – make a rhyme that tells the multiplication facts of___

Naturalist – go outside and find something that has ‘multiples’ of ____

Interpersonal – work with someone else on one of your presentations.

Intrapersonal – write me a note about how this helped, or what you liked about the choices involved