Weekly Tribes – Number Please?!

Grab a deck of cards and us this for reflective practice, inclusion, or influence…

You will need at least one deck of cards.

Divide cards among groups; have someone in the group deal the cards.  Students use their card value to answer the following questions:

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

What two personal achievements are you proud of?

What are three things that make you laugh?

Name four things you do before you go to school in the morning.

What are your five top movies of all time?

What were your six favorite toys when you were a child?

Name seven things you ate or drank today.

What was your favorite TV show when you were eight?

What are you usually doing at nine o’clock in the evening?

What is one thing you think you will be doing ten years from now?

For academic content, consider these modifications

One fact about…

Two opinions about…

Three questions about…

Four reasons for…

Five examples of…

Six words that describe…

Explain your level of understanding on a scale of one to seven

What is something GR8 you have learned about…

A nine word statement that summarizes…

Talk for ten seconds about…

You could even add a holiday/vacation theme:

One holiday tradition you appreciate

What two good deeds are you proud of?

What are three things that make you thankful?

Name four things you would like to buy or do for someone?

What are your five favorite holiday foods?

What are six things you know or don’t know about a holiday you don’t celebrate?

Name seven people you can appreciate today.

What eight-letter word describes this holiday season ?

What are you usually doing at nine o’clock in the morning while on vacation?

What is one thing you think you would like to remember ten years from now?