Weekly Tribes – 3-2-1 Reflection


Trio (3—2—1)

This strategy can be used at the end of a discussion to pull things together and give future direction. Participants are asked to write/share 6 pieces of information. The headings attached to each number can be changed as appropriate to group needs, timeframe, discussion topic, etc.

This strategy is also good for journaling or reflection at the end of a discussion or meeting.


3 recollections

2 observations

1 insights


3 important ideas you want to remember

2 things you would like to know more about

1 idea that you are looking forward to trying


3 books or resources you’ve used

2 new things you found out

1 thing you found difficult


3 interesting things you found out about

2 ways you might use this information

1 thing you want to be sure to tell a friend


This is from the Heartland Area Education Agency