Weekly Tribes – 30 Circles of Creativity

Weekly Tribes – Sharing from a (Mystery) SackThis great idea comes from Joyce, a student in the current online class. Sharing from a Sack (p. 33…Mar 24 2014teachcommunity.com

Here is a great activity.  Once done, I ask students to get in pairs and compare similarities and differences.  Then pairs join to form groups of four and this time seek out the ‘only’s”.  Fours join to become groups of eight, etc.  In the end celebrate those that stand out as ‘only one’s” and yet how many similarities we have here in this creative group.  And voila, you also have a nice “Influence” strategy to value and celebrate diversity, yet inclusive to the creative energy of the group.

Reflect on why acknowledging creativity is never a waste of time….

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