Weekly Tribes 2014 – 2015 “Leave It At the Door”

This comes from a current student in the Basic Online Course (BOC), Kimberly Cooke, who teaches 6/7 Science, in Florida.

We did an activity I called “Leave it at the Door” to help [students] understand what kind of a community we were trying to create with the four agreements. We circled-up and discussed the four agreements. We went through examples and role play. Then I asked the students to fill the white board with words that represented things that should not be in our community, things we should “leave at the door.” They came up with great ideas that included everything from disrespect to violence. They even included things that were a distraction from learning such as arguing and excuses. They worked on colorful designs for each word in teams. We then made a great display that covers our door and reminds them what doesn’t belong in our community.

We use it every day.  Just today I caught a student checking the door to see if a behavior she had was supposed to be left at the door.  They love when I call myself out for something that is on the door, too.  Makes me human, too.  

Simple and sensational!