Weekly Tribes 2014-2015 ‘Lend a Hand’

This comes from a student in the Tribes online class (BOC):

I saw this activity done in one of my practicum placements and I think it really emphasizes the Tribes process very well. It would be great to do during the first week of school to help build relationships right off the start. The activity involves having students go into pairs and trace each others hands on a piece of construction paper. The students then take turns telling a story of when they helped someone, or when someone helped them. After the stories are exchanged, the students will draw corresponding pictures inside the outline of the hands based on the story that their partner told them. So, for example, if I told Mary that one time I fell and scraped my knee and my friend ran inside and got me a bandaid, water, and a parent, Mary could draw a bike, bandaids, and a parent/bottle of water. Whatever Mary feels best represents my story is what she would draw. Once the drawings are done, the students would cut out the hands and they would be displayed somewhere in the classroom to remind the students to always work together and help one another. When I previously saw this activity done (in a grade 3 classroom) it was really great and engaging for the students! Also, I think it would be a good idea for the teacher to randomly pick partners for this activity to prevent the same people from always being together :). The students who then wish can share their stories with the class.

This might be adapted or modified:

  • students share what they know about a specific topic or subject
  • students share what they bring to the class or to a group – strengths and appreciations
  • students share how they like to be treated by others
  • students share how they treat people they don’t know
  • students share concerns
  • students share ‘wishes’