Weekly Tribes 2014-2015: More or Less?

This can be a great little inclusion/influence activity.

It can apply to behavior, materials, knowledge, community service projects, school climate, learning goals…lots of possibilities!

The idea was contributed in the Tribes Basic Online Course (BOC) this past summer.

It could even be your ‘check-in’ or ‘check-out’ reflection each day. You can begin with a written assignment, or in a community circle.  From there, you might want to use smaller groups.  This is really a simple way to get into some true student-centered learning.  Think: Five E’s?!  [engage-explore-explain-elaborate-evaluate]

More or Less?

What do you want more of?

What do you want less of?

Make it material, emotional, social, physical…etc.

What could you live with less of?

What would you like to do more of?

And…how might you incorporate some content/curriculum?