Weekly Tribes 2014-2015: Two _____ and a _____

These versatile ideas come from the current Tribes Basic Online course (BOC)

After your students know and love the strategy ‘Two Truths and a Lie”, tweak it for your content:

* Two Stars and a Wish
At the end of each week, bi-weekly or at the end of the month. Students will identify
Two Stars (two strengths, moments they’re really proud of in the past week, weeks or month)
A Wish (something they wish to improve on in the following week, couple weeks or month).

* Two facts and an opinion (language arts)

* Two factors and a multiple (math)

* Two aerobic exercises and one anaerobic exercise (P.E)

* Two details for a topic (writing a paragraph)

* Two truths and lie about something historical (this can be a fun “stump the teacher” Social Studies)

* Use the strategy for Reflective Practice at the end of a learning experience – a check for understanding.

* Two causes and an effect

* Two appreciations for a put-down

* Two fractions for a decimal

(Your turn!)