Weekly Tribes 2015: BOOM!

This is a great strategy/game for review and skill practice…competitive, but fail-safe!

Get a bunch of popsicle sticks.
Write whatever you want to review or practice:
spelling words
math facts
elements of the periodic table
any quick answer-type question…
Write a question or prompt on each stick
Write “BOOM!” on 4-5 sticks (one ‘BOOM!” for every 10 sticks)
Divide your class into teams
(You will have to do this full class, to teach: after that , you can divide the class into their own little competitions)
Have one member from each team come and pull out a popsicle stick.
Students give you (or the leader) the stick to ‘ask’ or present…
If he/she answers correctly, he/she keeps the stick; if he/she answers incorrectly, the stick goes back into the jar.
Teams will quickly begin to collect sticks.
If the “BOOM!” stick is pulled, the team must give up all the sticks they have collected.
Put a time on the game to add some hilarity, pressure, and excitement.
Don’t make the ‘stick questions’ too hard or involved.

Thanks to Kathy in Tahoe, who uses this game to rev up her spelling bee team!