Weekly Tribes 2015 – Invisible Man (or Woman)

This is sort of ‘Hangman’ in reverse. And thanks again to Kathy in Tahoe for another brilliant, engaging strategy for learning!

Divide the class into two teams. Once students know this strategy, they can do it in pairs or small groups.

For each team, draw a stick figure with the body parts of head, arms, hands, torso, legs and feet. You could add in eyes, nose, and mouth, if needed.

Have a representative from each team come forward to answer a question…math fact, simple equation, spelling word, true/false statement, etc.

The winner gets to erase a body part from the opposition’s stick figure. If there is an incorrect answer given by both teams, then they both must erase a body part.

The team with the ‘invisible man’ at the end is not the winner!