Weekly Tribes 2015: Leadership Energizer “Partner to Partner”

You definitely need to have some trust and respect for this to work. A good friend of mine participated in this in a ROPES-type leadership workshop. I do not know the source.

Place everyone in your group in partners – there needs to be one person left without a partner (the facilitator may need to participate to make this happen). The person without a partner stand in the midst of all the rest of the group, standing in pairs.

The single person says “partner to partner: (then names two or three body parts). Partner must quickly ‘attach with the body parts mentioned.

You can easily see how respect is so important here!

Take a look around at all the creative pairings and then the single person says ‘switch!’

Everyone finds a new partner, which means there will now be a new ‘single person’ to make the call.

Start with just one body part to connect for younger students. Use scientific or foreign language or even definitions to make it more challenging. For example: ‘Partner to partner: humerus and rodilla’ (upper arm and knee). OR ‘Partner to partner ball and socket joint’.

Lots of reflection about respect, rational for doing this, and how to make it more challenging is a must!