Weekly Tribes: ending the school year

Combine some writing skills and some fun. Give your students a list of questions to respond to – and tell them that, once done, this will be sealed and not to be looked at until they date they choose to put on the envelope! You might want to clue parents into this to be ‘safe-keepers’. You might also take a picture of each student at his/her current age to include in the envelope.

Here are some suggestions:

I think when I am 20 I will be living…where?

I think I will stay friends forever with …(names)

My first car will be…

College will be….

My dream job would be…

The hardest part of life will be…

I think I will get married…at age? never?

Of course, questions will need to be appropriate for whatever age you are doing this with, but you get the idea…better yet, get some suggestions from your students!

Take some time over the last days of school to compile more than one piece of paper – the more information, the more interesting! Allow time for color and decoration of the envelope and then collect the envelopes and hold until the last day of school. Pass out the envelopes as a parting gift to your students!