Weekly Tribes 2015: Finishing Touches

It is that time of year…school is winding down, yet there are so many considerations and commitments. The next month of Weekly Tribes will target some end-of-the-year strategies…that also set up for the beginning of next year.

One of those is a Dream Quilt (p. 236, 267, or 348 – depending on which Tribes book you have). For the end of the year, have students put a concept, definition, fact, experience, equation, writing sample, description, list of vocabulary words, or a collection of ‘what I learned this year…’ on to a 8x8inch square. (If you want to get really creative, use different geometric shapes…or actual material and permanent markers or thread). Each student composes a lovely square of ‘learning’.

Put it on display for all to enjoy and appreciate and celebrate…and leave it on the wall to welcome your students next year. You can welcome new students with, This is what you will learn, accomplish, enjoy, and celebrate this year!