Weekly Tribes 2015-2016: Ideal Classroom

This comes from a student in the Basic Online Course (BOC) and is a great starter the first month of school.

Looks – Sounds – Feels:
• As a class discuss what students’ ‘ideal classroom’ would be like. Have 3 blank posters on the wall, each with a title showing, ‘My ideal classroom looks like’, ‘My ideal classroom sounds like’ and ‘My ideal classroom feels like’.
• Model with the class a few responses that would belong in each section using sticky notes.
• Review the class agreements, especially attentive listening and respect. Ensuring pairs listen attentively to each other before writing and respecting partner’s ideas.
• In pairs, students will receive some sticky notes. Pairs will discuss some responses and write them down on sticky notes (with at least 1 sticky note for each poster).
• When finished, one person from each pair adds sticky notes to class posters.
• Come back together as a class and share some of the responses on the posters.