Weekly Tribes 2015-2016: Put Down Pirate

For those of you with younger students…
This ingenious idea comes from Sheila in Ontario:
Put-Down Pirate
This is the same strategy as “Funeral for Put-Downs”, but a few things are added to make it more Primary. (Ideas taken from Page 250)
The Objectives are the same:
-to promote awareness of put downs and begin to change them into positive thoughts/words
-to make students aware of self-put downs
-to involve the students in eliminating the put-downs
-to create a positive classroom atmosphere
To prepare:
-slips of paper
-chart paper with a pirate drawn on it
– teddy bear with an eye patch and perhaps dressed up as a pirate/labelled “put-down pirate”
-pirate hat
-You may need help from a parent volunteer if students can’t print.
-ruler duct-taped to side of sink or bucket (this is the pirate’s plank)
-give each student a slip of paper
-have students write a put-down that they have heard someone else say, or that they often say to themselves, that is hurtful and they never want to hear again. Elicit ideas from students.
-have students put the written statements in the pirate hat
-read out some of the statements
-ask students to share how they feel when they hear others saying the put-downs to them
-tell students that the put-down pirate is going to make the statements “walk the plank” into the water, thus, drowning them and they will never be heard from again.
-ask students to say good-bye to the put downs. Have them “walk the plank.”
-if you have a worm composter or a green bin, the papers could go into the worm bin for the worms to “eat” (grade ones suggested this).
Suggested related reflection questions:
-what could the class do to keep the put downs from coming back? (see p. 250)

Extension activities:
-divide the chart paper into two columns: One side for put downs, and another side for positive comments that would make others’ day. Could be “sad pirate/happy pirate”.
-for self-put-downs-teach positive affirmations-instead of I’m going to fail-change it to-I can do this!
-provide each tribe with three put-downs (self and other). For each, they can come up with a positive thought to add to the chart.