Weekly Tribes 2015-2016: Venn Diagrams to build inclusion

This is from a student in a past Tribes Basic Online Course (BOC)
Venn Diagrams – to build inclusion.
On my placement in a high school, my associate teacher and I, used a Venn Diagram at the start of the class everyday as an inclusion activity but it was also useful for taking attendance. 
We would place a topic on the smart board with a few options. When the students arrived in class they would move their name to the box that they felt suited them best. After the bell rang, we would discuss the student’s placement choices.
For example:

My favourite treat is:
- Sweet
- Salty
- Both…or do a triple Venn and add Frozen
In my spare time, I like:
- Sports
- Music
- Both…or do a triple Venn and add Reading

Add academic content or subject area:
The agreement that is easiest to practice is: No Put Downs – Mutual Respect – both
My intelligence is: Fixed – Growth (can change) – both
Writing a paragraph is: difficult to start – difficult to finish – both