Weekly Tribes: ‘Vision map’

Got some old magazines that you can give up? Maybe scour the local dentist/doctor offices, or have students each bring in 2-3 magazines.

This activity can have a wide range of versatility and complexity. A simple version is to have each student bring to school a photo and a word or words that describe an agreement and when you put it all together – you have a beautiful agreement collage that everyone helped to create. Another version is to have each student use pictures and words to create a ‘vision map’ of experiences, information (likes), descriptors, and goals…leaving you with a potential wall collage of your class.  (Thanks to Genevieve in Wisconsin!)

If you have your students keep portfolios of their work throughout the year, this can also be a reflective practice in the future.

And, think academic content and the opportunity to use those multiple intelligences to demonstrate understanding of a particular concept.

Lots of possibilities!