Weekly Tribes 2015-2016: I’m Proud “Lunch”

This comes from Ali, a student in the current Tribes BOC (basic online course).
It is a perfect reminder for making connections with students – time spent on non-academic inclusion and building relationships.

I adapted the “I’m Proud Appreciation Circle” to be the “I’m Proud Lunch Hour”. Students sat in a semi circle formation so it almost felt like a circle. I had students email in pictures and invited each student (over 2 lunch periods) to come up to the front while their picture was displayed on the Smartboard and finish an “I’m Proud…” statement. We got into a lovely discussion after the first lunch period about why it is important to acknowledge when we feel proud. The second day we talked more about what did you learn from your tribe members.
I think the reflection part stuck out the most to the students. EVERYONE participated. NO ONE chose to pass even with the option there. Asking reflection questions made me feel good. It made me feel like the students understood the point of the activity and also learned from it. I wonder if the activity would have stuck with the children without the reflection aspect. The only improvement I would make would be not to do it while the students were eating. Due to our unique tight Fall schedule I did not have any other time to allocate to the activity. I found there was too much crinkling of wrappers and clinking of forks.