Weekly Tribes: Creative Content Collaboration

This comes from Ali, a student in the current Basic Online Course (BOC). It is written for creating characters for a story to be written, but can be adapted for other topics or subject areas (see below)

Creating Characters for our stories

Content Objective: To collaborate on and invent characters to use for our creative writing stories
Collaborative Skills: Valuing diversity of ideas, thinking constructively, working on tasks together, reflecting on experience
Social Skills: Sharing, listening, respecting, no put downs

Each TRIBE group will be asked come up with and agree on a name of a character, where the character lives. They will write it down on a project board. After a 3 minute timer, tribes will switch project boards and receive another group’s character name and place. Each will add on to their classmates work a job of the character and the age. Etc. This will continue until name, age, location, occupation, hobbies, and interests have been decided for each character. Each group will have a chance to add something to every character!

After the 5 characters have been determined. The teacher will hang the boards at the front of the class. Reflection questions asked:
1) Collaborative: How did you ensure that each of your group members got the chance to add something to the characters?
2) Personal: (Stand/sit/lay down or in between) – Place your body in the position you feel you reflects how you participated in this activity (Standing = I participated as best I could, laying down = I did not feel engaged)
3) Did the original character you started with end up the way you envisioned? How did other tribes alter your vision?

Appreciation: It was helpful when ____________ (name)…___________(action)

Other applications:
Each group gets a number and comes up with all the possible equations that equal that number.

Each group gets a number and writes a story problem to equal that number…maybe the actually story problem is the work in progress (more difficult!)

Language Arts
Each group is assigned a category: noun – verb – adverb – adjective (these categories can happen more than once…don’t need to have four large groups). Each group contributes the category and the papers are passed, or adds to the categories. When all have contributed, the groups develop sentences or stories with the list of words.