Weekly Tribes 2016: Blessing Bags

Blessing Bag
“This is what me and my daughter have started doing….We are keeping a “Blessing bag” in our car in case we find someone in need. You can make these up with items from the Dollar Tree such as gloves, thermal socks, beef sticks, crackers, candy bars, toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, deodorant, snacks and other items that may help someone who is homeless or in a bad way. It is just a thoughtful, inspiring thing to do. This is something we are going to start doing from now on. Thank you to the ones that did this long before us, for being such a giving, loving, caring person! Random acts of kindness take very little to change the life of just one person.”

I found this on Facebook and thought it could be used in a couple of Tribes-likes ways:

1) Students could make them for a class / community project – maybe with a specific destination…women’s center, elder care, etc.
2) Teacher can make mini bags for students as a positive reinforcement
3) Students can make for one another…or make for students at the school to be given anonymously.

I can’t get the picture to load up, but it is simply a ziplock bag filled with useful and perhaps unexpected items to bring a smile and appreciation.