Weekly Tribes 2016: Extended Nametag for content and differentiation

Vacation is over and time for school!

This idea for ‘Extended Nametag’ comes from a former student of the BOC (Tribes Basic Online Course) [there is one starting next week, for two weeks]

Extended nametag is best done on an index card. Students write various responses and then have some time to share with others, in an orderly fashion. For example, ‘find someone who has on different style shoes and share what you wrote on the lower left corner of your card’. Next get in a group of three that is a mixture of boys and girls and share what you wrote in the upper right corner.’ …and so on. Then reflect in full group at the end about the learning.

Her suggestion is for Math; I have added Language Arts. (Pardon the formatting…)

In the middle of the card children would write any 2, 3 or 4 digit number.
upper left – write (+) sentence with your number as the answer
lower left – Write (–) sentence with your number as the answer
upper write – make up a pattern where your number is the 5th term
lower right – use > or < with your number I like this because they would choose their own level of difficulty and there is no ‘right or wrong’ answer. Language Arts Think of a favorite book that you have read; it doesn't have to be recently, and could even be a favorite book you read when much younger. Write the first letter of each work in the title in the middle of your card. (Example: Critter the Boa Constrictor would be CtBC) upper left - write a word or phrase that describe the main character Lower left - Write the genre for the book (this might be more than one, like mystery and adventure) lower right - write a sentence that would make someone want to read the book lower right - describe one of your favorite parts in the book