Weekly Tribes 2016: A TLE for Reading

This TLE (Tribes Learning Experience) comes from Amir, from Brazil, a former student in the BOC (Basic Online Course).

It is a clever way to have students create, write, and share…and can be adapted for any topic.

Content Objective: To learn and identify elements of a story for a visual/spacial learner

Collaborative Skills: listening attentively, participating fully, reflecting on experiences and working on a task together.

Social Skills: Sharing, listening and emphasizing.

Strategy: draw a lamp shaped diagram separated into four horizontal sections (1. the lamp base/foot; 2.the column; 3. & 4. a bell/cone shaped shade separated into an upper and lower half).  The base of the lamp: the setting of the story (draw something that will remind the student of where the story takes place, i.e. trees if in a forest or a castle). On the section above that, the column, draw figures that represent the characters. On the next section or the lower part of the shade, which is also the largest, brainstorm and discuss a drawing or a sequence of drawings that will best represent the plot of the story. And lastly at the top of the shade draw the conclusion or solution to the conflict emphasized by the light that comes out of the top of the shade.

Have students share parts of their drawings in various group formations – pairs, triads, etc.

Reflection: how did we use imagery to best represent the sequence of events to help us visualize the elements of the story? Where did the story take place (what is the base of the story?). Who are the characters or pillars of the story?