Weekly Tribes August 2016: 2 by 10 Classroom Management

This strategy has been around for a while, but it is worth considering again…and again.  Read about it here.

A few excerpts from the online article:

Spend two minutes a day for 10 days having a personal conversation with the student. Talk about whatever topic interests him—sports, cars, family life, Legos, whatever—but keep discipline and academics off the table.

The Two-by-Ten strategy is more than an icebreaker; it’s a trust-building exercise that goes both ways. At first, it can be difficult to break through, Kitzmann admits, especially when students affect the mood of the classroom or interrupt the learning that’s taking place. But by taking the time to really get to know the students, you can begin to uncover the reasons behind their misbehavior.

Build relationships.  Simple.