Weekly Tribes September 2016: Human Knot – a variation

Do you like the energizer “knots”??

You and your students will love this adaptation…and they will likely be more successful.

Rather than joining hands to make the knot, have ready a piece of string or yarn for each group member.  The string should be 10 – 12 inches long.  Put students in groups of 7 – 10 students (I know – big groups!).  Have each group member hold one end of the string up in the air, in the middle of the group circle.  Now each member grabs the bottom of a string, that is not their own, nor does it belong to someone on either side.  Unravel the knot!  The string allows more space, eliminates the discomfort of holding (twisting) hands or arms, and …well, you’ll see!

Do not miss the opportunity to reflect on what students did well…working together, helping one another, persistence and perseverance, modeling agreements….