Weekly Tribes April 2017: Terrific and Thankful

Maybe, like where I live, you are coming back after Spring break?  Here are two strategies to consider, from Tawnya on Fishers Island, NY.  Tanya is a student in the current BOC (Basic Online Course).  As you can see, she took appreciation to a new level – first, students appreciated themselves, then  a classmate re-affirmed it.  And, she got some good writing skills involved.  

Thanks, Tawnya!

Last Tuesday, I had Terrific Tuesday and the students were asked to write on a sticky note one thing about themselves that was terrific and made them proud to be them. I always have them write their thoughts on the board, but I had a plan for this one. For homework, I passed out the sticky notes to the other students with thank you cards. The kids had to write a “thank you for being you” card to the person who wrote the sticky note. Then they put in into an envelope with the name of the recipient on the front. They didn’t seal them so I could just make sure they were extra positive with enough detail. Then on Thankful Thursday, the notes were taped to the board and the students were instructed to find their cards. If they wanted to read them aloud they could. Most did, and it was very sweet.