Weekly Tribes March 2017: Tower Building with a Twist

This idea comes from Nick, a teacher in Western Australia.  He teaches year 10 (grade 10) special needs students.  Nick is currently a student in the Tribes Basic Online Course (BOC) and he posted this assignment:

 I conducted a hands on challenge where students have to work together to make sure they were able to complete the task. There was one activity where teams of 3 had to build the highest tower out of paper but only 1 student was allowed to touch the sticky tape, 1 could touch the paper and 1 could talk. This forced communication and collaboration within the students as they were all engaged and motivated to win the challenge.

This time of year can be very ‘influential’, and this kind of strategy  challenges, engages, and validates the group development stage of influence.

Remember, ‘tower building’ can also be done with index cards; cards can be re-used again and again.  (Look for other ‘Weekly Tribes’: Tower Building entries on www.teachcommunity.com)