Weekly Tribes 2018: Your ‘Cool’ Card

This comes to you from a Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) training I recently attended – Creative Faciliation 1.

Our facilitator was about to push us all a bit out of our comfort zone and into our creativity zone.  She asked us to imagine that we had a card in our back pocket.  “Take out that card and hold it up – that is your ‘cool card’!  Now everyone rip up your ‘cool card’ and throw it out the door.  Now we are all OK with not having to be cool with what I’m about to ask you to do.”

For some of your students, this might be a welcome invitation to participate on a safe level, or permission to look silly during a particular Tribes energizer, or just to level the playing field.

I think this may also have a place in conflict resolution and/or restorative practice; maybe it is a different ‘card’ that needs to go.