Weekly Tribes 2018-2019 Start the Year – Agreements

This comes from Penny, an Elementary P.E. teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah.

To assess students’ understanding of the Tribes agreements I think I would write the agreements on 3×5 cards, 1 agreement/card. On one side I would write the agreement and on the other side I would write an animal sound i.e. Attentive Listening and Cow (or have a picture of a cow for beginner readers). Then I would instruct the class to find everyone in the class with the same agreement by using only the animal sound. Once the groups were formed, I would give them time to discuss what the agreement means to them and come up with 1-2 examples that their group will share with the others.

After all groups share, I would open it up for anyone that could share a personal experience where they feel they witnessed or were affected by any one of the agreements.

Having students define and connect to the agreements ensures buy-in and longevity.