Weekly Tribes 2019: Definition Dominoes

This is a great activity for groups to figure out.  It works best if you have 10 – 14 strips per group – prepared ahead of time!

Use a strip of paper for each ‘domino’.  On one half of the domino, write a vocabulary word (or a math problem).

One the other half of the domino, write the definition to another vocabulary word (or math problem).

The challenge is to arrange the strips to that each word (or problem) is connected to its definition (or answer).  The end result will be a circle of correct words and their definitions.

So the paper, before it is cut into strips might look like this:

Geographical terms:

plateau                                  a force that has both direction and magnitude

altitude                                  a depression on the surface of the earth, due to an impact making explosion or collapse

global warming                    the vertical height above the sea level

crater                                      a water body that surrounds a crescent-shaped coast line or a piece of land

bay                                          a large area of land which is slightly raised and has a level surface

wetland                                   the gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature, due to entrapment of greenhouse gases

vector                                      a lowland area that is saturated with moisture  


Making the strips does require some preparation – but the interaction and discussion can be worth it!