Weekly Tribes 2019: Fist Activity

This comes from Peace Learning Center https://peacelearningcenter.org

This is the time of year when the stage of Influence can be ever-present; this activity will likely cause some good discussion and reflection on how things are going.

Have students pair up.  After they determine who in the pair is the youngest, ask that person to make a fist.  Instruct the older of the pair to open the fist of their partner.  Have a countdown to add a bit of pressure.  (Do not answer any questions, just review agreements!)

After about 15 seconds, have the fist-opening stop and ask, “Who was able to open the fist?  How?”  

Most people will have tried to pry the fist open.

Ask if anyone just asked their partner to “Please open your fist?”

Reflect on how and why we go to force before communication, when in conflict.  How does the fist activity apply to what might be happening in the classroom or on the playground?  What have you learned?  What will you remember, or how will this affect you?