Weekly Tribes 2019-2020: That Is Me!

Time to build inclusion with a twist on “That’s Me”.  I learned this from Shireen at the first ever After School and Youth Development TOT (Training of Trainers) at Alternatives Inc. Alternatives Inc., founded in 1973, is a nationally recognized youth development nonprofit whose vision is, “Healthy, principled, and creative young people valued as members of the community.” Everything we do is designed to build the specific assets that support young people as they grow into creative, compassionate and responsible adults.  So, naturally Tribes fits well.

Have everyone sitting in a circle.  One person stands up and begins to list what they enjoy.  As soon as they say something that is common to another person, that person jumps up (with enthusiasm) and says “That is Me! I also like _____and I also like____”.  Soon after, it is likely that yet another perron will jump up and continue.  It looks like this:

Person #1  I like to go for walks outside, I like to eat ice cream on hot days, I –

Person #2  That is Me!  I also like to eat ice cream; I like puzzles, I like to watch scary movies, I –

Person #3  That is Me!  I also like scary movies and I like to play video games

Person #4  That is Me!

The fun part is that the first person to jump up and say “That is Me” gets to be the only one standing, so there is a friendly competitive element as well.

Even better, when reflecting, you can ask students to identify the multiple intelligences coming through in what is shared through the “I like…” statements.

So if you haven’t given your students a multiple intelligence inventory yet, maybe you want to do that ASAP.