Weekly Tribes 2019-2020: Tribes – Easy and Everyday

This is the time of year when the Tribes book might be on the shelf collecting dust and the workload and events schedule gets crazy;  Halloween to Christmas/Winter break flies by.

So, check this out and get some Tribes back in your daily routine!

Tribes – Easy and Everyday

Final Countdown – end of the day, every day.  Ask student to share 4 things:

  • “…something good about today…”
  • ”I learned…”
  • “I’m thankful for…”
  • A clean, funny joke

You can have four, and only four students share, one each (this takes 1-2 minutes)

You can have all students share one each (one of the four choices).  This will take at least 15 minutes.


Something Good      Do it the beginning of the week…about the weekend

                                    Do it after recess

                                    Do it at the end of the day

                                    Especially do it at the end of a very bad day.


Reflection                  Teachers are great at checking for understanding during the lesson…but often don’t reflect about behavior, feelings, observations, etc.

                                    Appoint a student to help you remember, put a visual cue somewhere, whatever (I appointed a student each day; his/her job was to say “Let’s     reflect!”  whenever he/she wanted…and I would stop and ask questions and/or make some observations and ask for verification)

                                    Whatever, reflect!