History: Family Tree (follow-up)

This comes from Aoife, a teacher at GETNS

Circle time: Finish the statement “My favourite thing to do with my family is……”

Objective: to build inclusion and promote awareness of how other family members feel.
This is a follow on activity from compiling and presenting their family trees, a History content objective as per curriculum, with support from home.

Strategy: All in the Family (Tribes, p. 209)
Students form groups according to their position in their family, ie. eldest, youngest, in between, only child. Groups a maximum of 4, if more then form a second group/ third group…
Questions written on board to discuss…
How does it feel to be (an only child, etc.) ?
What responsibilities do you have?
What are the advantages/ disadvantages to do you think?

Merge groups so eldest with youngest (again max of 4 per group)/ only children with middle children.
Questions on board for them to discuss:
Who do you think has the most power in your family?
How do you feel towards other siblings?
Who gets attention in your family and how do they get it?

Reflection Questions:
Did you learn anything interesting about birth positions in a family that you didn’t know before?
How well did your group work together?
Did you learn something new about yourself from doing this activity?

It felt good when………