When We Were Young

This comes from Megan, a teacher at Happy Kids School in Budapest, Hungary.

Here, I am introducing the topic “When We Were Young”, where we will begin by comparing toys of the past and present.

1. Provide for inclusion: Use energizer “My Favourite People and Things”:
In a community circle, I will start out by asked everyone to state their favourite colour in turn. I will then organise the children into Triads, where they will tell the others their favourite food > game > toy. Each time I ask a new question, the triads will change. Triads will be formed based on coloured mats on the floor, laid out in groups of 3. Quick group changes will be achieved when I say “If you are on a yellow mat, change places in five, four, three, two, one…”

2. Identify content objective to be learnt and collaborative/social skill objective to be practiced: Invite children back to the circle and show short PPT comparing new and old toys. Invite comments, questions and discussion. What differences do you notice? What were toys in the past made from? What are toys made from now? What do you think your parents/grandparents used to play with? Etc…
Before children break off into groups, review agreements.
Collaboration skills: Listening attentively, participation, thinking constructively, working on tasks together
Social Skills: Sharing, listening, respecting, no put downs

3. Identify strategy: Live Wire (modified to suit Yr1): Children break off into Tribes groups where they will have a collection of photos/pictures of toys, old and new. They will work together to organize toys along a time-line from past to present. (Children’s understanding of years and time is still developing, to help, we will have three main points on the timeline; Toys we play with, toys our parents played with, toys our grandparents played with)

4. Reflection: What did you learn about your friends during the triads? Did you enjoy sharing your favourite things? How well did your group work together? How well did we stick to the agreements?

5. Appreciation: I liked… It felt good when…