Weekly Tribes: Holiday Mindfulness

This comes from Megan (grade 1) at Happy Kids School in Budapest Hungary…but you can adjust it for any grade.


First, she assigns students a ‘Christmas tribe’. They build inclusion by sharing a wish for themselves and a wish for their class (the Cheeky Monkeys).

Later in the week she has students meet again in tribes and discuss these questions:

What do you think mindfulness is?

Is it possible to concentrate on one task?

What would you do if someone was having a conversation while you were trying to concentrate?


Then, Mindfulness Coloring:

Children sit in their tribes with coloring sheets and Christmas (or Holiday) music playing in the background.



What did you learn in this activity?

What are you thankful for?

What is something good about ‘mindfulness’?


And, you may also take this activity/opportunity to reflect on the season of giving gifts and how mindfulness can be a gift to oneself as well as others.