Weekly Tribes 2020: Who’s Missing?

Want to test the feeling of community in your classroom?

Here is a fun way to do it.  Have your students cover their eyes and put their heads down while you walk about the room and tap 3-6 students on the shoulder – which is the signal to those students to open their eyes and quietly leave the room.  Once they are in the hall, choose one student to remain in the hall while the rest return to the class and sit in a different seat from the one they left.  Then ask all students to open their eyes and raise their heads.  Ask “Who’s missing?”

If they can guess right away, or within 2-3 guesses – likely you have a good sense of community in your classroom – where students know names and one another to readily know ‘who’s missing’!

They care enough about one another to notice.

That, and it is a fun little break.

Flip it into content:

Math – what number is missing in the equation or pattern

Language Arts – fill in an adverb that would make the sentence more descriptive

Science – Write an incomplete hypothesis and ask students what is missing

Social Studies – simple fill-in-the-blank questions

Afterschool – what assignments are missing??