Weekly Tribes 2020: Beat Master (energizer)

This is an oldie, but a goodie…likely you know it under a different name.  

Have students in a circle.  Once student leaves the circle and while gone, a ‘beat master’ is assigned, silently.  The beat master starts a beat – clapping hands, patting head, snapping fingers, slapping floor, finger-play, etc.  The student rejoins the circle and stands in the middle.  Whenever the beat master changes the beat or action, all follow.  The middle person gets three chances to identify the beat master.

To choose a new beat master:  beat master who was identified is the person to leave the circle; person in the middle (who guessed correctly, or not) chooses the next beat master by pointing at that person.

The game continues.

What is learned or practiced well?  Ask your students!