Weekly Tribes 2020: Online Tribes for Mother’s Day

This comes from Megan in Budapest, Hungary.  Her school, Happy Kids, has been closed for 5 weeks, but Megan continues to find a way to stay connected and help her students and families do the same.  

Here is her plan for a Zoom meeting with 10 people at a time (mom’s and kids):

  1. Greetings while everyone gets settled

  2. Sing You Are My Sunshine & HUG 

  3. Explain you are going to do a few TRIBES style activities. Remind everyone to be kind, listen and right to pass (can whisper or turn off mic). 

  4. Appreciation Circle: Make a comment of appreciation about your Mum (like we did yesterday for CM). Turn to Mum and say/whisper 

  5. Family Camp Trek activity:
    a) Tell everyone:

Your family has been invited on a three month camping trip next summer in Canada.

[share screen and play video as you explain. (make sure sound for video is low/off)]: (remember to breathe) – Travel Alberta, Canada]. 

Each person can take ONE backpack. Other supplies such as food, medicine, tents, sleeping bags, will be supplied. 

What things will you take in your backpack? Mum’s and children, work together to make a list on the Family Camp Trek worksheet (or paper is fine). You have 5 minutes to make your list.

b) Then tell them to put a star next to the three most important items. (Give 2 or 3 minutes). 

c) Invite to share their THREE items. 


  1. Thumbs up, thumbs down: Quick response game
    – How do you feel about spiders?
    – …snakes?
    – …ice cream?
    – …fish?
    – …tomatoes?
    – …kittens?
    – …sharks?
    – …jellyfish?
    – …reading?
    – …painting/drawing?
    – …maths?
    – …cleaning your bedroom?
    – …washing the dishes?
    – …cooking/baking?
    – …going to bed early?
    – … waking up early?
    – …winter/summer/autumn/spring?
    – …swimming in the sea?
    – …building sandcastles?
    – …hiking/walking in the mountains?
    – …going out to eat?
    – …camping?
    – …going somewhere on an airplane?
    – …and the list is endless!

  2. Thank the mum’s for coming, wish them a happy mothers day. Tell the children that they have a special weekend homework: to do as many kind things as they can for Mummy over the weekend. We will share on Monday circle time.