Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Community Circle Date

Community Circle Date

Whatever day it is, invite each person to develop a question using that date.  Example:  Today it’s the 11th – please compose an answerable question that has the word ‘eleven’ in it (What can you eat eleven of?  What do you think you will be doing eleven years from now?  What is your favorite thing about the eleventh month of the year?)  For younger students have a list of questions on the board to choose from, so they don’t get stuck on creating a question.  Once students know the strategy, challenge them to put some academic content into it…What number is 11 the square root of?  How can the answer be 11 without adding?  What event happened in 1911?  2011?  It can also be a homework assignment for tomorrow’s date.

For another twist, the person who just answered gets to call on the next person to answer.  This keeps the momentum as well as engages all.