Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Disco Detective

This idea comes from PYE Zoom facilitation workshop https://www.partnersforyouth.org/online-facilitation/

You will need some inviting disco dancing music.

Invite all to be on video.

Send a private chat to designate the dance leader. 

Get a volunteer to be the ‘detective’.  Have that person close their eyes when the music begins.

The leader starts a dance move and all others follow.

Now the detective may open their eyes.

The leader changes the dance move ever so slightly and everyone follows the leader.

The detective must guess the leader. 

Big moves = easy guess

Small moves makes it more challenging.

Reflect:  What agreements made this successful?  What behaviors did I observe that were positive and productive?  what modifications could we do to make this more challenging for next time?

Invite statements of appreciation.